There are three good reasons why meeting planners should use the free services of Sky Events Management:

​As a professional meeting planner, you have many tasks to accomplish in a limited amount of time. We will assist you by taking on the burden of two of your biggest tasks: site selection and hotel contract negotiation. Because we specialize in these two particular areas, we are very competent at accomplishing them, allowing you to rest easy that you have delegated them to a dependable ally. We will gather all of the hotel brochures and sales kits and present them to you in an organized fashion. We give you one thing you cannot buy –TIME!

​Our many years as Site selection Specialists have allowed us to amass an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. We make it our business to research all locations and venues that might serve your needs. We provide our clients with the latest information about hotel mergers and takeovers, site renovations, competing events, and any other factors that might influence their site selection decision.

​Because of the sheer volume of business that we provide to hotels around the world we guarantee we will get better rates and more perks than you may receive at hotels where you have had long-standing relationships. We are fierce negotiators and are here to work for you!

​​We are hands on…we are 24/7 and we don’t leave the office at 5pm or disappear on weekends!  If you need us we are here regardless of how big or small the issue may be.  Give us that one opportunity to shine and we are confident we will be working together for many years to come.

Where else can you hire experts to help your organization achieve such an important goal at no cost to you?​​

Eliminate endless hours of hotel research with one call to Sky Events Management.  Why?

  • ​​Years of experience.
  • Rates and availability at as many hotels as you need.
  • Qualified recommendations for your hotel selections.
  • Long term industry relationships.
  • Attrition and cancellation prevention assistance.
  • Quick turn-around time.
  • Our booking history translates into buying power.
  • Efficient arrangement of site inspections.
  • Introductions to hotels that you don’t know.
  • Last minute assistance.
  • We won’t waste your time and we’ll save you money.
  • Property and destination knowledge.
  • We place hundreds of programs per year.
  • You don’t pay for our services.
  • We are updated on new promotions & deals

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