​Sky Events Management is a full service Event Planning & Hotel Site Selection company founded with a very simple philosophy – by representing our clients we create the best match between the needs of the meeting planner and the right hotel. Because we work on behalf of our clients and not as a hotel representative, we diligently research hotels all over the world to find the best location and price based on the criteria you provide.
We promise to not only save you time and money, but also to secure for you the very best hospitality services. Because we book hundreds of events worldwide each year, we have built solid domestic and international industry relationships. These relationships are most beneficial when it comes time to negotiate and because hotels compensate us directly, there is no cost to you for these services.We will bring our long-standing hotel relationships & industry knowledge to the table to ensure you get the best rates, promotions and concessions. Regardless of the size or frequency of your meetings, you will enjoy the collective buying power of all of our clients.  ​​We are highly skilled contract negotiators which means we will expose and reduce, or even eliminate any unforeseen contract liabilities, such as attrition or cancellation penalties.


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