Hiring Sky Events Management to perform a site search and book your next meeting costs your company or organization absolutely nothing. In fact, we will even send you a check for 1% of your total guest room revenue.  The more events you allow us to book on your behalf the more money we will send to you.  There is no fine print or contracts to sign!

No other Site Selection Company in the industry but Sky Events Management offers such a program​​. We view our relationships with our clients as a true partnership and this unique program proves it!  Only through Sky Events can you actually get money back on the hotel room revenue that you generate.

There are certainly many other Site Selection Companies you can use but if they are not willing to share their placement fee with you…isn’t it worth giving us a try?​​


If the total room revenue for your next meeting is $250,000 we will send you a check for $2,500 thirty days after the meeting actualizes.  If your total room revenue is $50,000 we will send you a check for $500 and so on.

It’s as simple as that!​​


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